Masters of Hawaiian Music

Led Kaapana & George Kahumoku

Fri, Oct 24 @  8pm

Led Kaapana is Hawaii’s premier master Slack Key guitarist. Known as Hawaii’s Renaissance Man, George Kahumoku Jr, is a multiple Grammy & Hoku Award winning master Slack Key Guitarist.

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Shawn Phillips

w/ The Hunter & The Gatherer

Sat, Oct 25 @  8pm

Shawn Phillips is a rock pioneer. Keeping true to his roots in folk music, he experimented with classical, fantasy iconography, surreal verse, mysticism and voice.

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Caravan of Thieves

w/ Crow Moses

Fri, Oct 24 @  8pm

Caravan of Thieves plays a energetic blend of gypsy swing and popular music.


Jim Hurst

Sat, Oct 25 @  8pm

Jim Hurst’s unique picking style and mastery of bluegrass guitar wows audiences and is revered by both novice guitar players and his musical peers.

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Chad Elliot

Thu, Oct 30 @  7:30pm

Elliott has been on the road for more than a decade performing a blend of Americana, roots and country music.

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The Kirkland Brothers – Clay & Gary

Sat, Nov 1 @  8pm

Kansas City’s “Folk Icon of the Year” joins the recipient of Swallow Hill Music’s first “Distinguished Faculty Award.” Guitarist/singer/yodeler Gary Kirkland brings his home-spun folk and country gems. He allows his big brother Clay to add heartfelt, compelling, and sometimes virtuosic harmonica.

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Ellis Paul

Rebecca Loebe

Sat, Nov 1 @  8pm

Ellis Paul’s new album, Chasing Beauty, is a set of songs which detail, in typical Paul fashion, stories of people and places that reflect larger truths about us all.

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Music School



Rhythm & Melodies for Guitar

w/ Jim Hurst

Sat, Oct 25 @  4pm

Explore right hand techniques, left hand ideas, melodic influence, timing importance, chordal positions and scale usage to-and-from melodies, positions and extensions.

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Mandolin Fretboard Roadmaps

w/ Jarrett

Mondays @  7pm

Students will learn the movable patterns of the mandolin fretboard, allowing them to locate notes, chords and scales all over the instrument.

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How to Write a Good Song

w/ Star Edwards

Sat, Oc 25 @  12pm

Learn about hooks, rhythm patterns; chord structures for your song; how to find melodies and basic ingredients for creating a good song!

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Intro to Fiddle Workshop

w/ Josie Quick

Sat, Oct 25 @  1pm

chedule too complicated to commit to 8 weeks of lessons? Don't know if you will enjoy learning the fiddle? Try our Intro to Fiddle Workshop.

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Modes: The Key to a Variety of Sounds @ Lowry

w/ Casey Hrdlicka

Sat, Oct 25 @  2pm

Modes are one of the most important concepts to know in music. After you know what modes are, you'll find it much easier to learn by ear and you'll have a whole new experience when listening to music.

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Autoharp For All Levels

w/ Michael Stanwood

Sun, Oct 26 @  12pm

We will address chord changing, fingering, and music from 'Down in the Valley' to Bach, but most of all we'll have fun.

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Learn the Didjeridu

w/ Michael Stanwood

Sun, Oct 25 @  2pm

Learn to make sounds on this wonderful ancient instrument, while paying deep respect to the Aboriginal culture from which it comes.

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The Art of Afrobeat Guitar – Lowry

w/ Casey Hrdlicka

Sat, Nov 1 @  2pm

This workshop will explore the various styles of afrobeat guitar- tenor and rhythm, as well as the counterpoint tenor guitar, and how they work together.

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Customer Service Associate

Swallow Hill Music is looking for a Customer Service Associate to provide excellent customer service by maintaining various front office responsibilities including group class and private lesson registration, ticket sales, membership sales and working outside events.

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Front Row Podcast

feat. Greg German

Greg German is an artist by trade. Not just an artist with guitars and sound, but a painter, and medical illustrator. His unique vision has brought the world some incredible and (dare we say it) revolutionary instruments. Martin has known Greg for almost ten years. They cover a lot about guitar design and building in this conversation. All while Greg works…he never stops.

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